Artificial intelligence is here. Is your business ready?

We are a scientific analytics consulting firm supporting the entire artificial intelligence (AI) product lifecycle.

Our team of scientists & software engineers possesses deep expertise in geospatial AI, computer vision, ​language models and machine learning product development.

We support the entire end-to-end product lifecycle from ideation, to implementation, and enterprise-grade ​deployments on modern cloud infrastructures.

How can we make artificial intelligence work for you?

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What We Offer

Machine Learning

AI Consulting and advisory

  • Advice on your AI idea: Can it be accomplished?
  • AI business plan review: How do I monetize my idea?
  • AI business valuation for M&A.
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Software product development

  • We can put together a plan to develop your AI product end-to-end on modern cloud infrastructures.
  • Contracting services to carry out the development of your product.
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  • Technical leadership as an ​advisor for your business and ​board.
  • Mid to long term engagements.

Our Principal

Richard Galvez, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

Richard is the CEO and founder of SparkGrid AI. He has deep ​expertise in developing and deploying deep and machine ​learning systems end-to-end, with a proven track record of ​leading innovative teams from academia to startups to ​Fortune 100 companies.

As an astrophysicist turned AI scientist, Richard holds a PhD in ​Theoretical Physics from Syracuse University, held a ​postdoctoral appointment in Artificial Intelligence at NYU as ​well as Vanderbilt University. He is a former faculty member ​at NYU Center for Data Science, NASA FDL mentor at NASA’s ​Ames Research Center, and holds 10+ scientific publications.

Currently, Richard is Head of AI at Percipio Health with a focus ​on computer vision and LLM retrieval-augmented generation ​leveraging a multitude of disparate data sources to produce a ​coherent healthcare signal.

Richard embraces disruptive technology and excels at ​building products from the ground up.

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